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In the spring of 2024, 25 years have passed since the very first edition of the metal festival Bobfest was held. That is something worth celebrating. For one day and one evening, you can now relive the wonderful atmosphere that prevailed at Bobfest. If you belong to the crowd that missed the festival completely, this is your chance to become a bobsledder too.

Between the years 1999 and 2005, seven editions of Bobfest were held, starting in Stockholm and continuing in Linköping. During these years, around 50 different bands, both from Sweden, Europe, the USA and Asia, managed to play at the festival. The biggest audience reached the festival in its final year in 2005 when American thrash legends Tourniquet headlined a concert that was later released on DVD.

However, Bobfest wasn't just about concerts. An important part was also the community and the church services. Together with the American hard rock pastor Bob Beeman (aka Pastor Bob), the Bobfest team created a concept where the focus was as much on meeting God, sharing communion and singing praises as headbanging to your favorite band.

When Bobfest now returns, it is with the same concept as when it started. It will be an afternoon filled with fellowship and teaching, followed by a party night where four classic Bobfest bands and a new one will play. However, this edition of the festival is a "limited edition" with a limited number of tickets, so in order not to miss out on this historic event, it is important to secure your ticket in time!

See you at Bobfest!








As before, Bobfest presents a series of high-class bands this time as well. Four of the bands have previously played at the festival, while the fifth is new in the context. In addition to this, you will also get to listen to some interludes, as well as musical elements and speakers in the church.


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Do you have a business and want to help sponsor Bobfest? Do not hesitate to contact us! You can then be seen with your logo + link here on the website. There may also be additional opportunities for exposure during the event itself. Write or call us and we will tell you more.

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