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In order for the concert evening to work painlessly, you as a visitor need to know and adhere to the following information/rules:

The concert evening is an alcohol- and drug-free event, open to
visitors of all ages. The bar will therefore be closed.

Smoking is completely prohibited in and in close proximity to Dynamos premises.

After the concert, visitors must have left the venue by 01.30 at the latest

Forgotten gadgets are handled by Dynamo's regular staff. Contact them in the days after the concert night to retrieve what you forgot.

It is not permitted to bring bags larger than 40x40x20 cm (height x width x depth) into Dynamo. Bags that are allowed will be checked when the visitor arrives to Dynamo.

Drinking alcohol may also not take place outside the premises in the inner courtyard of the Halls.

People who disturb the arrangement by harassing other visitors or by shouting inappropriate things to the bands on stage will be rejected even if they have a valid ticket.

Be careful with the furniture in the house. Bobfest rents the premises and does not own the furniture used.

There will be a locked wardrobe. If you wish to hand in your jacket, do so at admission. The cloakroom will then be kept closed until the end of the evening. If you need to leave earlier or need to get something from the wardrobe, you talk to one of the officials.

Drug use is under no circumstances permitted. If someone is caught with drugs, the police will be called.

Instructions given by the organizer and its officials must be followed.

Don't litter. Dispose of rubbish in designated rubbish bags and bins.
This also applies inside the toilets where toilet paper and paper towels are provided
must not be thrown on the floor.

Bobfest is largely a cashless event. Therefore, make sure to have
good charge on your phone to be able to swipe and coverage on your bank card to be able to make card purchases.

If you arrive drunk or try to smuggle alcohol in, you will be turned away even if you have a valid ticket.

Orientate yourself in the premises upon arrival so that you know where the escape routes are.

You may not bring your own food and drink into the premises.

Visitors may not sell their own products. Only vendors who have booked a table via the organizer may participate as vendors.

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